Articles of Association

The binding version is the german one, the english text is heavily abbreviated. If you need the full translation please contact us.
The legalese is necessary to get the tax exemption status under german law.

§ 1 Name and Seat

The name of the association is „Förderverein lucecita München e.V.“
It shall be incorporated in the register of associations. The seat is Munich.

§ 2 Purpose of the Association

1. Purpose of the association is to support children, youths, families and people in need. [...]

2. The association is an altruistic non profit organisation.

3. The association can only support persons or organisations according to this Articles. Members do not get any money from the association. [...]

§ 3 Tax Exemption

The association is registered as charitable and benevolent (Abgabenordnung (§§51 ff AO), § 58 Nr. 1 und Nr. 3 AO)

§ 4 Dissolution

Die The members can vote to dissolute the association with a majority of 2/3 of the members. All properties go to Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. (German section of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF))

§ 5 Financial Year

The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 6 Fundraising

Funds are aquired through donations, sustaining memberships and charity envents. [...]

§ 7 Membership


§ 8 General Meeting


§ 9 Annual Meeting


§ 10 Steering Committee


§ 11 Accounting


Changed and adopted on 05.11.2012